Researchers Find a Way to Hack Spanish Language



Until fixed on Wednesday afternoon, a security flaw in — the Spanish-language version of — could have allowed hackers to steal personal information from enrollees as they typed, according to three independent software developers. The Health and Human Services Department repaired the software error after Nextgov inquired about the defect early Wednesday.

HHS remedied a similar bug on the English-speaking site at some point between Oct. 4 and Oct. 10.

While citizens bemoan the online healthcare shop’s inelegant functionality, some programmers say the same clumsiness is creating vulnerabilities that criminals could exploit, especially as the site becomes more reliable and attracts more users. Read more…

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Android sobrepasa una cuota de mercado del 80 por ciento

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Android sobrepasa una cuota de mercado del 81 por ciento

No nos asombra ver que Android continúe como líder entre las plataformas de teléfonos móviles, lo impresionante es ver la gigante cuota de mercado que acapara ahora el sistema operativo de Google. Según un estimado de Strategy Analytics, Android ha pasado la barrera simbólica del 80 por ciento en los datos de envíos hasta finales de septiembre, y ahora tendría nada menos que un 81,3 por ciento del mercado. Este crecimiento implica que alguna otra u otras plataformas tenían que bajar sus porcentajes, y las víctimas son Apple, que en un año ha pasado de un 15,6 por ciento a 13,4 por ciento, y más drásticamente BlackBerry, que cae de un 4,3 por ciento a 1 por ciento.

Las buenas noticias no son sólo para Android, porque Windows Phone casi ha duplicado su cuota en este año, creciendo de 2,1 por ciento a 4,1 por ciento. Esto es interesante, pero no podemos ignorar el siguiente paso: ver si el crecimiento continúa para Android y Windows Phone, tomando en cuenta que Apple está vendiendo muy bien sus móviles. En todo caso, con el lanzamiento del nuevo Nexus de hoy, y también los recientes anuncios de Lumias, la competencia se está poniendo cada vez más complicada e interesante.

Tras el salto tienes una tabla adicional que muestra los envíos en millones de unidades, con un impresionante total de 204,4 millones de teléfonos Android enviados durante el último año.

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Epic NBA Promo Isn’t Fake — But It Is Awesome



Imagine a world where Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Miami Heat for the 2012 NBA title. Imagine a world where James Harden won last season’s MVP award. Imagine a world where LeBron James finally enters the dunk contest

In short, imagine a drastically different NBA — but still one well within the realm of possibility. That’s the premise of the extremely creative promo embedded above, which has become a hit with fans to the tune of 130,000-plus YouTube views in two days.

But is it real? Is it fake? The ad’s clever approach has some online thinking it’s actually a fan-generated fraud. After all, hoops-obsessed YouTubers have recently cut together some very cool videos, such as this comparison of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and this mashup of Derrick Rose and The Dark Knight Rises. Read more…

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Tech Giants Urge Senate to Reform NSA Surveillance Powers



Tech giants, including Google, Facebook and Apple, have sent a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to reform the NSA surveillance programs

The letter, sent on Thursday to top members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, implicitly endorses a specific bill, the USA Freedom Act, which would end the NSA program that collects U.S. phone call records

Tech companies have been asking for permission to be more transparent in the months following the revelations fueled by Edward Snowden, but this time, they’re taking one extra step. Read more…

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Halloween Dissected With Nonsensical Charts and Graphs



There’s something just a little strange about the premise of Halloween

Dressing up like murderers to beg strangers for candy doesn’t sound the best of ideas during most of the year, but on Oct. 31, it’s completely acceptable

The blog A Gentleman’s Armchair questions some of the odd traditions of this fine holiday in a series of charts and graphs — based on absolutely no real data


But, whatever — it’s best not to question these things, because, well, candy

Comic illustration courtesy of The Gentleman’s Armchair. Published with permission; all rights reserved. Read more…

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iPad Air Takes On Every iPad Ever Made



In the battle for speediest tablet, there can be only one victor. In our side-by-side tests of every single full-sized iPad generation ever made, not surprisingly, the Apple iPad Air makes a strong case for supremacy.

Since Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, it’s been continually upping the ante on its processor. The very first iPad featured a custom-built A4 mobile CPU, which ran at 1 GHz. The iPad 2 got an upgrade to the more powerful A5 chip. It, too, was clocked at 1 GHz

But, as with all Apple’s ARM-based chips, the performance was more than the sum of its Hertz.

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Android KitKat on the Nexus 5: Can It Tempt You?



Google launched its latest sweet-themed Android operating system just in time for Halloween: KitKat

Right now, it’s only available on the Nexus 5, which just went on sale in the Google Play store (and which is already sold out in its 16GB incarnation). Other Nexus device users will get it sometime in November, while other Android owners will get it whenever their carrier decides to upgrade them

Google holds out the hope that KitKat is the one Android version that will rule them all; it has been designed for the slowest of smartphones as well as speed machines like the Nexus 5. So for all those users still struggling on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (that would be roughly a third of all Android users), the KitKat upgrade is a huge deal Read more…

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