El Quechua Phone quiere meterse en tu saco de dormir

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Quechua Phone

Aventureros y aventureras, echad un ojo por aquí porque esto os puede interesar. La compañía Decathlon va a comercializar a partir del 5 de diciembre su propio smartphone todoterreno, un terminal de 5 pulgadas que vendrá firmado bajo la marca Quechua y que ha sido desarrollado en colaboración con Archos. El Quechua Phone es por tanto un teléfono de tipo rugerizado, con certificación IP 54, y altamente resistente a la mayoría de imprevistos que podrás encontrar en tus escapadas: golpes, barro, agua, arena, bajas temperaturas e incluso nieve.

En su interior corre un procesador quad-core a 1,2 GHz junto a 1 GB de RAM, viene con 4 GB de memoria interna (ampliables mediante tarjeta microSD) y dispone de una cámara de 5 megapíxeles. Su batería es de 3.500 mAh (dice aguantar unas 22 horas en conversación) y el encargado de gestionar todos los recursos no es otro que Android, en su versión 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

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25 Top Mashable Resources of the Week



It has been a crazy week in the tech world, so if you’ve been in a turkey-induced coma most of the week and missed some Mashable news, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered

As always, we’ve rounded up the top 25 digital media resources of the last week, including plenty of Thanksgiving tips and Cyber Monday deals to ensure you get everything on your list. Scroll to the end for the top news of the week

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    Beyond E-Books: HarperCollins Looks For the Next Big Thing



    As competitors in the e-book subscription market, Scribd and Oyster like to emphasize their differences. Yet the two share a common talking point: They both drop the name HarperCollins.

    The New York-based publishing house, whose roots date back to 1817, was the only one of the Big Five publishers to offer some of its backlist titles — and perhaps more importantly, some of its prestige — to these startups at launch, helping to kickstart the fledging Netflix-like e-book subscription market

    “They intuitively got what we were doing right from the first meeting,” Trip Adler, Scribd’s CEO and cofounder, told Mashable in a recent interview about his interactions with HarperCollins. “They operate the most like a technology company in terms of their willingness to try new things.” Read more…

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    Why Traffic Is Digital Marketing’s Foundational Metric



    If you take the retail marketing adage “location, location, location,” and translate it to digital, the result would be visit rate, or traffic. In the physical world, it’s possible to pay premium rent to get your product in front of lots of people, but on the web, garnering traffic is a bit more nuanced. The medium requires strategies that are focused on targeted audiences rather than the general public, not because products are narrow, but because methods of measuring efficacy enable marketers to see more success this way.

    Visit rate is likely the oldest metric on the Internet, and continues to be highly relevant for every kind of businesses. The most widely used statistic is visits per day, although unique visitors per day is usually seen as more actionable. This rate is often compared month-to-month or year-over-year and is often paired with frequency of visits, return visits or daily return visits Read more…

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    Cyber Monday Deals You Can’t Miss



    Black Friday hadn’t even ended before some retailers started teasing their deals for Cyber Monday.

    Amazon announced plans to start its Cyber Monday deals at midnight on Sunday and run promotions throughout the week. Walmart did one better and started its “Cyber Week” sales on Saturday.

    The term “Cyber Monday” was first coined in 2005 and it has since turned into the single biggest shopping day of the year for online retailers. Consumers spent nearly $1.5 billion online on Cyber Monday last year, the third year in a row that sales topped the $1 billion mark, according to data from comScore Read more…

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    iPad Air, análisis

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    iPad Air, análisis

    El lanzamiento del MacBook Air dio comienzo a toda una revolución. Su delgado grosor acaparó los flashes y comentarios de todo el mundo, reiniciando la carrera por el más fino todavía entre los fabricantes de ordenadores portátiles. Es por ello que quizás Apple ha querido rememorar tal momento y dedicar la última generación de su iPad a ese portátil que tanto éxito le trajo (y le sigue ofreciendo). Air es sinónimo de ligereza y este nuevo iPad sin duda es buena representación de ese concepto. No es evidentemente la única cualidad especial que incorporan los de Cupertino a su emblemático producto; también tenemos la presencia de su nuevo procesador A7 junto al coprocesador M7, de los que ya hemos tenido buenas referencias en análisis recientes.

    ¿Quieres saber qué tal resultan en un esbelto equipo de 9,7 pulgadas? ¿Tienes ganas de descubrir qué otras sorpresas aguarda la generación más potente de tablets que ahora mismo firma Apple? Entonces no podrías encontrarte en un mejor lugar. Acompáñanos tras el salto y disponte a descubrir el nuevo iPad Air con nosotros.

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    Tell A Compelling Story Through Diptychs For Our Photo Challenge



    In photography, a diptych is a pair of photographs placed side by side to form one single artistic statement or comparison. The images can be identical or similar in composition, they can show different angles of the same scene, or they can demonstrate polar opposites such as morning and night, old and new, or before and after

    Diptychs are great because they can deliver twice the storytelling impact of a single image. We want you to try this technique for this week’s round of our Mashable Photo Challenge

    You can use Photoshop on your computer or any collage app on your smartphone to combine your images. Feel free to check out this Flickr group for some diptych inspiration. Read more…

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    12 Vines That Sum Up Black Friday



    Ah, Black Friday. The shop-til-you-sometimes-literally-drop holiday has become a spectacle leading up to campers posting up in line several days before Friday. In fact, this year, shoppers were in line around the U.S. as early as Wednesday.

    In honor of the madness, we collected parodies and real shoppers captured on Vine. Check out the list below and add links to your favorites in the comments.

    1. Black Friday Shopping

    2. Really … #toosoon #blackfriday

    3. People on Black Friday Be Like

    4. Black Friday at Express!! 🙂

    Read more…

    5. Black Friday Gonna Be Like … (Inspired By Gary Rojas)

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    Smart Night Light Takes Fear Out of Bedtime



    Product name: Boon Glo
    Price: $84.99
    Who would like this?: Kids of all ages

    Children can be surprisingly hard to buy for at Christmas. Once you take into account what Santa Claus is planning to drop down the chimney, you may not find yourself with many options

    We think we’ve found the ideal gift for kids of all ages — the Boon Glo night light. It’s perfect for younger children struggling to overcome their fear of the dark, or for older kids who want to extend “lights out” time


    We can all remember the comforting power of a night light. The Boon Glo takes this concept and adds some cool tech to make for some innovative illumination. While we can’t promise getting them into bed will be any easier, we’re sure all kids will be excited to turn on the Glo for an evening Read more…

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    Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Soars on Kickstarter



    Designing the perfect paper airplane — the one that flies the farthest and the fastest — is about to get easier.

    Power Up 3.0, built by designer Shai Goitein, promises to give your basic paper model an upgrade, using a small attachable propeller and rudder for a little more speed and steering control

    The most impressive part of this flight enthusiast’s design is the Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to control your paper airplane via your smartphone with an accompanying app. Tilting your phone to the left or right allows you to turn your airplane as it flies a whopping 60 yards. The app also includes a compass, controls for thrust and readouts for battery life and range Read more…

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