Zynga COO on Company Changes: We Turned a Corner



When it comes to analyzing Zynga‘s full-bodied earnings announcement from Thursday, it may be easiest to take a bird’s eye view

The San Francisco, Calif.-based gaming company announced extensive layoffs, a half-billion dollar acquisition and better-than-expected earnings — a feat that Zynga COO Clive Downie described as the company “turning a corner.”

“I think it is Zynga turning a corner,” he said. “It proved that we have a vision for the company going forward that’s backed by strategy from a content standpoint, it’s backed by strategy for driving efficiency, and it’s backed by strategy in terms of how we look to accelerate it with the acquisition.” Read more…

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Google Street View amplía su cobertura de Fukushima con nuevas y fantasmagóricas vistas

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Google Street View amplía su cobertura de Fukushima con nuevas y fantasmagóricas vistas

Hace casi tres años el mundo entero se sobrecogió ante la devastación provocada por el terremoto y tsunami de Tōhoku, pero sobre todo, por el desastre que sobrevino cuando el océano invadió la central nuclear Fukushima I, cuyas emisiones de gases radiactivos provocaron la mayor evacuación en masa que se recuerda desde el accidente de Chernóbil. Más de 300.000 personas tuvieron que abandonar apresuradamente sus casas, dejando detrás pueblos y ciudades fantasmas que poco a poco están siendo invadidos por la naturaleza. Google se lanzó el año pasado a elaborar un mapa actualizado de las calles y avenidas de la prefectura de Fukushima utilizando el servicio Street View, que ahora incorpora nuevas vistas de Katsurao, Kawauchi, Tamura (que ya ha sido parcialmente descontaminada y muestra signos de actividad), Naraha, Minamisoma, Kawamata, Okuma, Futaba, Tomioka y Namie.

Google pretende con este proyecto ilustrar los efectos del desastre de Fukushima, pero también permitir acercar virtualmente a sus hogares a los habitantes de los municipios evacuados. Puedes echar un vistazo a dos de las nuevas localizaciones digitalizadas tras el salto.

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All New York’s a Stage in Super Bowl Halftime Show



Before Bruno Mars, the Red Hot Chili Peppers or any surprise entertainers sing a note for the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show, Pepsi will once again broadcast a 30-second intro video to pump up the stadium crowd as well as the TV audience watching on Fox

This time, Pepsi, the halftime‘s sponsor, has transformed New York City’s iconic landscape into musical instruments as a tribute to the “host city,” even though the Super Bowl will be played outside of Manhattan at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

The Manhattan Bridge becomes a guitar, the Guggenheim becomes drums, trains become mixing levels and Columbus Circle becomes a turntable, among other transformations. Read more…

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Aereo Can’t Take Any More New Customers in New York



New York City residents planning to buy an Aereo subscription before the Super Bowl are out of luck.

The streaming television broadcast service has reached capacity in the largest television market in the United States, forcing the company to temporarily stop taking subscriptions.

“We’re fortunate that Aereo continues to experience strong growth across all our markets. Our team has been working overtime to add more capacity in our existing markets,” an Aereo spokesperson told Mashable. “As soon as additional capacity is added, new consumers will be notified that they can sign up and create an Aereo account.” Read more…

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15 Mesmerizing Moments From Chinese New Year Celebrations



After days of preparation, the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations kicked off on Thursday in China and across Asia

The date of the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar, indicates both the moon phase and the time of the solar year. That’s why the Chinese New Year always falls on different dates in the Western calendar, which is Gregorian.

Celebrations for the Year of the Horse included fireworks, firecrackers, masks, costumes, prayers and colorful light displays. But this year’s celebrations were partly dampened by pollution Read more…

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Kitten Version of ‘Frozen’ Will Give You Fuzzy Warm Feelings



Fur the first time, these kitties are playing everyone’s favorite ice princesses, Anna and Elsa from Disney‘s Frozen.

YouTube channel The Pet Collective pounced back into action with its latest video. Now you can relive all the Disney magic, and get highlights of the soundtrack, in this adorable, furry tribute.

The Pet Collective is famous for it’s all-feline movie remakes, such as Toy Story and The Lion King.

Read more…

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Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0: pequeño, muy delgado y de buena resolución

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Huawei Mediapad X1 7.0

Parece que el MediaPad 7 Youth2 no es el único tablet compacto que Huawei tiene preparado para este comienzo de año. La firma tiene ya circulando por TENAA -ya sabes, el organismo regulador de China- un dispositivo que responde al nombre de Mediapad X1 7.0 y que cuenta, como podrás estar imaginando por el nombre, con una pantalla de 7 pulgadas. ¿Lo más interesante aquí quizás? Que no renuncia a ofrecer una buena resolución, contando con un panel de 1.920 x 1.200 píxeles, que arrojaría una densidad de 323 ppp.

Por los datos filtrados, sabemos que el dispositivo cuenta además con soporte 3G, Android en su versión 4.2 (ung), y un procesador quad-core Hisilicon -hecho en casa- a 1,6 GHz junto a 2 GB de RAM. En cuanto a sus medidas, resultan bastante atractivas, con un peso aproximado de 238 gramos y un delgado grosor de 7,6 mm -para que te pongas mejor en situación, el Nexus 7 (2013), que cuenta con a misma resolución de pantalla, pesa 290 gramos y mide 8,65 mm de grosor.

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Midair Skydive Rescue Will Leave You White as a Sheet



Anyone for jumping out of an airplane at 12,500 feet and hurtling uncontrollably to the ground with only a modified tablecloth standing between you and certain doom? No? Well, after watching the video above, we certainly can’t blame you

Veteran skydiver James Lee was taking part in a jump over Wiltshire, England, when just after he left the plane, disaster struck him right in the noggin. He was accidentally hit on the back of the head by another diver, knocking him unconscious on a free-fall.

Lee’s fellow divers realized something was wrong with Lee when he didn’t respond to their hand signals. The divers corrected Lee’s falling position and pulled his chute, saving his life. Lee regained consciousness soon after and floated safely to the ground. The whole harrowing incident was captured by his helmet cam, so we can all experience the terror first-hand. Read more…

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Warner Bros. Takes You Behind the Bricks of ‘The Lego Movie’



With The Lego Movie set to debut on Feb. 7, its creators gave fans a tongue-in-cheek look at what went down “behind the bricks” when the cameras weren’t rolling.

The clip from Warner Bros. Pictures features animated interviews with the film’s minifigure cast, including Chris Pratt’s Emmet Brickowoski, Elizabeth Banks’ Wyldstyle and Will Arnett’s Batman. And while we don’t want to make any assumptions, the identity of the on-set diva seems pretty clear. (Hint: He goes by Bruce.)

The goofy clip is an extension of the film, imagining pranks, drama and behind-the-scenes villains. The minifigure cast even discuss their real-life voice actors, including a not-so-humble Morgan Freeman, who jokes, “That man could read the phone book and make it sound interesting.” Read more…

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Christie Appointee Says Governor Knew About Lane Closures on Bridge



Through his lawyer, the former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the George Washington Bridge lane closures has said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had knowledge of the scandal, contrary to the governor’s previous public statements.

An attorney for the former official, David Wildstein, said in a letter that the lane closures were “the Christie administration’s order” and “evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures,” according to Friday reports by the New York Times and The Record.

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