Cannabis-Friendly Concerts Put Colorado Symphony on a High Note



Smoking marijuana just got a little classier in Colorado.

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra is holding a concert series consisting of four shows where patrons can toke up to their hearts’ content, called “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.”

The cannabis-friendly concert series aims to boost attendance in the wake of dwindling ticket sales, according to the Associated Press. “The cannabis industry obviously opens the door even further to a younger, more diverse audience,” Colorado Symphony Orchestra CEO Jerome Kern told the AP. Read more…

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Beyond Breaking Things: All the News From Facebook’s F8



Facebook unveiled a slew of new products and initiatives at the company’s F8 developer conference keynote on Wednesday, nearly all of them developer-related

Mark Zuckerberg kicked off the event with a few remarks but left most of the talking to other Facebook execs who focused on topics like building apps, growing a mobile audience, and then monetizing that audience. There was an emphasis on helping app developers get off the ground and work alongside Facebook in the process

Facebook has made great strides in mobile over the past 24 months, and the recent acquisition of Parse — along with its simple tools for helping new apps get off the ground fast — only deepened the company’s commitment to growing with mobile Read more…

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No, Twitter Is Not Doomed



Who would have thought a social network announcing that it had topped 250 million active users would be seen as such bad news?

On Tuesday afternoon, Twitter revealed that it had 255 million monthly active users in the first three months of this year, an increase of 14 million users from the previous quarter and a gain of more than 50 million users from the same quarter a year earlier. While that might sound like a lot in the aggregate, user growth measured on a year-over-year basis continues to slow.

Wall Street responded to what was otherwise a pretty positive earnings report by sending the stock down more than 10% overnight to its lowest trading price since going public in November. The media responded with more than a few headlines that might keep some Twitter executives up at night: Read more…

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Soccer Stars’ Anti-Racism Statement Was Actually Not That Spontaneous



A viral campaign soccer stars sparked against racism this week wasn’t as spontaneous as it looked

Instead, it was carefully orchestrated — and even cooler than it initially appeared

Brazil and FC Barcelona star Dani Alves drew worldwide acclaim on Sunday when he took a bite out of a banana that a fan threw on the field during an away match against Spanish team Villarreal. Racist taunts, including bananas and other references to monkeys, are an all-too-common way some European soccer fans harass opposing players, so Alves’ banana bite was seen as a cheeky and powerful response Read more…

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7 Essential Questions About the Death Penalty, Answered



A botched execution in the state of Oklahoma on Tuesday has drawn criticism from the White House, infuriated the ACLU and — practically overnight — reignited the death penalty debate in America.

Clayton Lockett, convicted of raping and murdering a 19-year-old girl, was due to be executed at the state penitentiary in McAlester, Okla., Tuesday night when things went shockingly awry.

It began when Lockett was given a powerful anesthetic at 6:23 p.m. CDT, the New York Times reported, and was pronounced unconscious moments later. After a few minutes, Lockett reportedly tried to sit up in his chair, trembled, shook his foot, said “man, something’s wrong” and gasped, before officials closed the curtains to the execution chamber. Read more…

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South Korean Students on Sunken Ferry Captured Their Last Moments on Video



As the South Korean ferry Sewol began to sink on April 16, some of the 325 high school students onboard captured their last minutes on video.

Television producer Choi Seung-ho called the video the “most heartbreaking scene I have seen in my 27-year broadcasting career,” before he introduced it on a website run by the Korea Center for Investigative Journalism, New York Times reported.

“This looks like the end,” one boy says, according to the Times. Another tells his mom and dad that he loves them. A different student asks, “Are we becoming a Titanic?” Read more…

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Train Derails, Bursts Into Flames in Virginia



A train carrying crude oil derailed in Lynchburg, Va., on Wednesday afternoon, causing a huge fireball that local residents were quick to capture and share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube while authorities evacuated the area.

“Wow guys. The train derailed right outside my building. Pray that no one is hurt,” Instagram user sherifelipe said in a video of the scene posted shortly after 2 p.m. ET

Twitter users, capturing the scene from afar, documented the fire and giant plume of acrid, blake smoke that followed.

Lynchburg James River

— James Riverkeeper (@UpperJamesRK) April 30, 2014 Read more…

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Dancing Mom’s ‘Booty Bump’ Gives New Meaning to Headbutt



Hey, moms need to cut loose sometimes too.

Fortunately for us, Summer Knowlden was brave enough to share how she lets off some steam. The mom uploaded a video of her dropping some serious moves in what she describes was an entry for “an online dance-off for moms.”

But we all know that sometimes the blooper reel is better than the real thing. In this outtake, Knowlden was too busy breaking a sweat to T.I.’s “Bring Em Out” to notice her toddler getting a closer look at her mom’s moves. With one swift booty bump, her toddler topples to the floor. Read more…

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10 Office Food Hacks for Supreme Workplace Snacking



Snacks are essential to maintaining a civil office environment

These small moments of sustenance can be a much needed distraction — err, “break” — from your work, and can reduce the risk of hanger-induced violence against annoying coworkers

Thankfully, Food Beast just made workplace snack-time even better with 10 office food hacks that every 9-to-5er should practice.

Happy snacking!

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Enter the ClickHole — The Onion’s New Viral Media Parody Site



Digital media organizations have changed the face of modern news and helped shape the Internet. It’s time they (and, O.K., we) were brought down a peg.

Enter The ClickHole, the new site from the minds behind The Onion.

“Coming this summer: an all-new internet experience filled with content so shareable, snackable, and clickable, it will rob you of all logic and reason. Until then, use the guide below to learn the proper method of clicking,” the site’s placeholder boasts.

Announced at The Onion‘s NewFronts presentation on Tuesday, The ClickHole will feature Internet media favorites like quizzes, inspiring first-person stories, cuteness and slideshows. Read more…

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