Dancing Mom’s ‘Booty Bump’ Gives New Meaning to Headbutt



Hey, moms need to cut loose sometimes too.

Fortunately for us, Summer Knowlden was brave enough to share how she lets off some steam. The mom uploaded a video of her dropping some serious moves in what she describes was an entry for “an online dance-off for moms.”

But we all know that sometimes the blooper reel is better than the real thing. In this outtake, Knowlden was too busy breaking a sweat to T.I.’s “Bring Em Out” to notice her toddler getting a closer look at her mom’s moves. With one swift booty bump, her toddler topples to the floor. Read more…

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10 Office Food Hacks for Supreme Workplace Snacking



Snacks are essential to maintaining a civil office environment

These small moments of sustenance can be a much needed distraction — err, “break” — from your work, and can reduce the risk of hanger-induced violence against annoying coworkers

Thankfully, Food Beast just made workplace snack-time even better with 10 office food hacks that every 9-to-5er should practice.

Happy snacking!

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Enter the ClickHole — The Onion’s New Viral Media Parody Site



Digital media organizations have changed the face of modern news and helped shape the Internet. It’s time they (and, O.K., we) were brought down a peg.

Enter The ClickHole, the new site from the minds behind The Onion.

“Coming this summer: an all-new internet experience filled with content so shareable, snackable, and clickable, it will rob you of all logic and reason. Until then, use the guide below to learn the proper method of clicking,” the site’s placeholder boasts.

Announced at The Onion‘s NewFronts presentation on Tuesday, The ClickHole will feature Internet media favorites like quizzes, inspiring first-person stories, cuteness and slideshows. Read more…

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Goodbye, Hoodie: Facebook Grows Up



Standing in front of thousands of Facebook developers at the company’s third F8 conference, a reflective Mark Zuckerberg, sans hoodie, spoke from the heart. He noted the social media giant’s 10th birthday in February and his impeding 30th, on May 14

Zuckerberg had taken stock of his life and loves (his wife, Facebook and philanthropy), and realized he wanted Facebook to be different. “My goal for the culture of Facebook is to build a culture of loving the people we serve that is as strong if not stronger than hacking at Facebook,” he said.

Remember those words, because on Wednesday, this speech and this F8 will likely be remembered as a turning point for Zuckerberg and Facebook. It’s the day they grew up. Read more…

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Run for Cover: ‘Sharknado 3’ Is Happening



Dreams, or nightmares, do come true — a third installment of the Sharknado series is coming soon to an ocean near you

Syfy confirmed to Mashable Wednesday that there will be a Sharknado 3, but have yet to release any further details on the film, including what city the sharks would be terrorizing. It’s slated to release in summer 2015

The news comes as a surprise, considering the second Sharknado film, aptly titled “The Second One”, won’t even air until July 30. (The title was chosen by a Twitter contest.)

While the first film took place in Los Angeles, Sharknado 2 will be set in New York City and brings back original cast members Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, along with newbies Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath and Judah Friedlander. The films are produced by Asylum Entertainment Read more…

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Watch the World Greet Sunrise in Real-Time on Twitter



Twitter released its latest user numbers on Tuesday, revealing that it finally crossed the 250 million global user mark

But pictures can often be more effective when trying to transmit the reach and power of a service like Twitter, which is why the company’s recently-released global activity animation offers a better sense of just how widespread the service has become

Posted by Twitter Data, the animation correlates Twitter mentions (in many different languages) of the word “sunrise” around the planet with the time of sunrise and sunset at that location Read more…

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México se rinde ante Android mientras Argentina apuesta por WinPho

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México se rinde ante Android mientras Argentina apuesta por WinPho

Hace unas horas publicamos en portada un artículo en el que hablábamos acerca de la cuota de mercado de los diferentes sistemas operativos móviles para España y Europa, gracias a los datos facilitados por Kantar. Ahora toca hacer lo propio para Latino América y es que la firma también ha anunciado los datos referentes a los SO de smartphones en Argentina y México.

Comenzando por la situación que se vive en estos momentos en el país argentino, se observa una tendencia bastante diferente a la que se vivía al otro lado del charco. Y es que, aunque a la hora de hablar de Android y iOS no hay grandes sorpresas -ambos han subido desde marzo del 2013 a marzo del 2014, muy tímidamente en el caso de Apple, eso sí-, la preferencia por Windows Phone sí llama poderosamente la atención. El sistema de Microsoft ha subido del año pasado a este un considerable 9,6%, pasando así de una cuota del 3,3% al 12,9% actual.

Igualmente BlackBerry continúa teniendo mucha más presencia de la que tiene por ejemplo en Europa y aunque ha descendido su cuota, esta sigue siendo de un 9,9% -también considerable, sin duda.

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