The Sun Went Crazy With 6 Massive Flares in a Week



An active region on the surface of the sun has been putting on quite the show for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

On Sunday, the region erupted with an X2-class flare. X-class flares are the most intense category of solar flare; an X2 is two times as intense as an X1 flare.

NASA says this marks the sixth substantial flare since Oct. 19, when the sun erupted with an X1.1-class flare

The active region of the sun, the area where these flares are erupting, is “the largest active region seen on the sun in 24 years,” NASA claims.

The area, dubbed AR 2192, is comparable in size to Jupiter, which has a diameter of nearly 87,000 miles. Read more…

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via Mashable



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